Ways Nigeria could Restructure the Education System with Little or no Cost – Alao Adeshola Ibraheem

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the population of Nigeria is said to be about 167 million people in 2012. The National Population Commission in 2013 stated that about half of the population is made up of youths between the ages of 15 and 34.This commission further stated that about 11.1 million youths were unemployed in 2012. Demographically, the youth constitute the largest portion of the Nigerian population.

They are virile, vibrant, adventurous and full of life. Sadly, they are the sole beneficiaries of structural deficits, such as; unemployment, declining standard of living, miseducation and inability to go to school due to paucity of funds amongst barrage of things militating against the development of this cadre of people.


It is an incontrovertible truism, that no nation can achieve greatness without investing in its youths, this has been of the main reasons the interest and service to the youths of my constituency will be the topmost priority on my agenda. Equally, the general welfare of the people of my constituency shall be duly and adequately served.

Perhaps, the dividends of democracy is the end product of a democratic process that is expected to be benefited by every citizens of a country. To get the dividends to my people, is to get me into the house of representative to patriotically serve my people.

Should I be elected to serve my people by electing me into the house of representative, I shall sponsor a bill which will create an avenue for vocational (trade/handiwork) learning in our secondary schools to serve as an alternative for Nigerian youths after their education.

By this, graduates who will not get white collar jobs after graduation from higher institutions will always get something in doing at the end of their various programs in the university. Additionally, youths will be compulsorily made to choose any trade of their choice before the completion of their secondaryschool education.

These choices shall include; tailoring, graphic designing, carpentry, make up,hairdressing,theatre and art,painting,baking etc. Markedly, the advantages of this bill are as listed below: 1.It will keep our youths busy as more time will be needed to learning any of the aforementioned handiwork. 2.It will reduce the alarming level of criminality in Nigeria, and ultimately, 3.

It will create more jobs. What will it cost the government? It will cost the government nothing as students will be asked to pay an amount as low as 500 Naira per term for 6 years in the secondary school and 4 years in higher institutions per student since there will be more than one student in a classroom. Your vote is my visa to getting there, your vote is our visa to entering a better future. A vote for me is a giant step into our desired Yewa North/Imeko Afon Federal Constituency. We can jointly do this.

Vote Alao Adeshola Ibraheem for House of Representatives Yewa North/Imeko Afon federal constituency. #iampreparedforthisjob

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