Viral Photos Of The Man Taking His Pet Tiger For A Walk On The Main Road To The Shock Of Pedestrians

The man pictured above taking a walk with his pet Tiger reportedly scared pedestrians in the center of a Russian city.

The pictures that surfaced online and has been causing lot of debate among internet users was taken by one of the shocked onlookers that was at the scene from the safety of his car as the man who is believed to be circus artist and animal trainer, Artur Bagdasarov walked the big cat that remained calm all through the walk and hurt no one in the city of Samara in southwest Russia.

“This is Artur walking his pet. We were at his show in the circus. We enjoyed it, especially sitting on the first row.” A witness Andrey Usoltsev said.

“It was a shock. It is rather scary to bump into a pedestrian walking a wild cat on a leash.”Another witness also said.

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