MOVIE:The Circle (2017)

The Circle is a 2017 American techno-thriller film directed by James Ponsoldt and written by Ponsoldt and Dave Eggers, based on Eggers’ 2013 novel of the same name. The film stars Emma Watson, Tom Hanks, John Boyega, Karen Gillan, Ellar Coltrane, Patton Oswalt, Glenne Headly and Bill Paxton…..

Mae Holland (Emma Watson) is on her way home when her car breaks down. She contacts an old acquaintance Mercer (Ellar Coltrane), who arrives to take a look at the vehicle. Mae tells him that they should get together some time. The next day while at work Mae gets a call from her friend Annie Allerton (Karen Gillan). Annie works at The Circle, a powerful tech company, and is one of the 40 most influential people in the company. Annie is constantly traveling because of her responsibilities but is surprisingly upbeat despite the stresses of her work. Mae, interested, is interviewed at The Circle and gets a job in Customer Experience, an entry level position that requires her to assist users of The Circle’s products and services. She is constantly rated by the people she assists, and is motivated to keep the score high.At a company-wide meeting, Eamon Bailey (Tom Hanks) introduces a new initiative called SeeChange. The initiative involves small cameras that can be placed anywhere. Tom Stenton (Patton Oswalt) gives a speech about the human rights implications of these cameras. The cameras provide real-time video feeds.

During a party on the Circle’s campus, Annie sneaks Mae away from the party and takes her to an office. Annie explains that Mae actually shouldn’t be there, as it is where Eamon and Stenton make the big decisions for the company. After leaving the office, Mae sees an employee away from all of the events, glued to his phone. Mae approaches and begins a conversation. He asks her if she is a guppy, a term used at The Circle for new employees. They carry on a little conversation before he gets a prompt from his phone and tells Mae that he has to go, leaving her a bottle of alcohol….


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