​Akpororo had a chat with Nigerian Tribune and he ’ s revealed where he get ’ s his inspiration from watching mad men .
Read The interview as exclusively shared by Nigerian Tribune Below ;
Here are excerpts from the chat ;
It ’ s been about seven years since you started and you have become one of Nigeria ’ s most sought – after comedians . What would you have to say about that ?
I want to thank God for that first . Now , I have my own platform , which is Akpororo Vs Akpororo . I am happy with what God has given me : my family , the experiences . I thank God for His grace upon my life .
As a young comedian, would say that you encountered no challenges on your way up ?
I am a man with favour and grace . My brother , I just give God the glory. With grace , there are no challenges . I am just favoured .
Omobaba recently talked about “ godfatherism ” as a factor in the comedy industry. What do you have to say about it?
I don ’ t know about that because I do not have any godfather . What I know is, as a new comedian , you must look for platform . If that platform is what he called “godfatherism ” I don ’ t know . In spite of your talent , as a new comedian , you must locate the platform that will bring you out . And the truth is most of our senior colleagues have the platforms . So , you have to work hard and make sure they notice you before you can use their platforms . It is from their platform that people will know you and you will be able to get shows as well as build yourself .
What were the things you did to locate the platform that brought you out ? And who helped you ?
Just like I said before , I am favoured . And I believe it is not just me . I know there are many people enjoying the same grace as me . I went for National Comedy Challenge organised by Guinness and other competitions then . Beside these platforms , you also need prime platforms to perform . For instance, Basketmouth saw me in Coco Lounge and featured me in his show. And from there, things picked up . He also was the first person to take me to London.
So, Basketmouth is your godfather in the industry?
He is a senior colleague and someone who gave me my first major lift in the industry . And like I said , he was the first person that took me to London. That was in 2012 , about a year after I came into the industry .
In your own opinion , what makes a joke very funny in Nigeria ?
[ Smiles ] My brother , this question eh ! What makes a joke funny is in the way it is told . First , Nigeria on its own is funny . We have so many funny things around us . So , in telling a joke , we talk about things that people experience every day. I am talking about street life , Lagos drivers and their conductors , poverty and wealth. These are things that people know and can relate to . As comedians , what we do is to tell these real life stories and because Nigeria is a funny country , these stories become funny to those who know and can relate to them. Let me also say that , we also imagine or project into situations. We can fast – ward or rewind a particular incident just to know how it could have been . Most times people find truth in these things . And that technique is always successful especially when you have creative imagination . Mostly , what we do now is to dwell on real life incidents . Any incident that happens in Nigeria today is a material short and simple . So to make a joke funny , just be observant especially when you are walking around Lagos . You will see funny things . Even as we are talking now, I don dey get material.
In the comedy industry, people have their own niche . Some comedians dance, some sing and some combine talking, dancing and singing . You do not only combine everything, you also have this crazy person ’ s persona . What inspired it ?
It is my own style. I figured that if you are coming into the industry you need to bring something new . Like you said , some comedians sing , dance and even act drunk . I know I can dance and sing , but I wanted to stand out , so I introduced something . People talk about mad people a lot in jokes , but I decided to act it out . It is my strategy and I want to thank God for what He has done .
But where did you pick it up?
I watch mad men . I observe them a lot .
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​Akpororo had a chat with Nigerian Tribune and he ’ s revealed where he get ’ s his inspiration from watching mad men .Read The interview as exclusively shared by Nigerian Tribune Below ;Here are excerpts from the chat ;It ’ s been about seven years since you started...