"I Caught My Wife In The Hotel, What More Evidence Do I Need For Divorce" – Businessman Accuses Wife Of Being Promiscuous

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A two years marriage between one Kabir Bakare and his wife Funmilola was dissolved yesterday over adultery by Mr Ademola Odunade, the President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan.

According to report, the Mapo Customary Court President while dissolving the marriage stressed that the court had nothing more to do since both Kabir who resides at Ojo-Ekun Village, Oluyole Local Government Area of Oyo State, and Funmilola who resides at Bode area of Ibadan, had agreed to the dissolution, however, used the opportunity to advise married or intending couples to be faithful to their spouses in order to enjoy lasting union.

“In the interest of peaceful coexistence, the union between Kabir and Funmilola has ceased to be henceforth.

“Custody of the two-year-old child produced by the union is awarded to the father since Funmilola herself had dumped the child for many months now.

“Funmilola shall approach the court anytime she wants to see the child,” he said.

Kabir a businessman who explained to the court that his wife Funmilola was an unrepentant prostitute and a troublemaker had earlier said;

“When I was exchanging vows with Funmilola two years ago, I thought that God had answered my prayers for a faithful wife whom I can trust till the end of time, but I was very, very wrong.

“As a businessman, I go around to ensure that Funmilola and our baby are very comfortable in every aspect of life.

“However, Funmilola decided to pay me with evil by turning herself into a sex machine whenever I am out of the home allowing herself to be roughly handled the way I would never have done.

“I was told by relatives and friends in the neighbourhood.

“We caught her red-handed in a hotel and what more evidence do I need.

“When the series of events started unfolding, Funmilola suddenly got pregnant and for the fear that I might query her, she aborted it.

“I did everything possible to inform her parents about her escapades, but they always backed her actions.

“The most painful aspect of the whole episode is that it was a popular riffraff that was sleeping with her in the neighbourhood.

“When she saw that there was no more secret about her waywardness, Funmilola dumped the child that is less than two years on my mother and took to her heels,” Kabir explained.

In her response, Funmilola an hairdresser, who told the court that Kabir had prevented her access to their child, agreed to the divorce but was silent on all the allegations leveled against her but pleaded with the court to direct Kabir to allow her remove her remaining property in his home.


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