Guys: See The 7 Reasons Why She May Not Want To Have Séx With You

Regarding the issue of women saying “no” to their man when to s3x is concerned, a little-taken care when it comes to this topic.

These are the main conclusions of surveyed women about the reasons why women don’t want to have s3x.

Neglected physical appearance: “A man who takes little care of his physique has an 80% chance of receiving a negative response if he tries to seduce a woman, the personal care is decisive in the physical attraction and not to taking advantage of it women value in a very important way”.

Excess of friction: “Feeling that living space is invaded repeatedly without having granted this permission is something that nine out of ten women value negatively, the subtle difference between seduction and harassment”.

A boring man: “When there is no initiative, the dialogue or conversation is not interesting, it means to slam s3x”.

“When a woman is not comfortable with herself, does not look attractive or is going through a moment of m0ral fragility, she won’t want to have s3x no matter who the man is, in these circumstances, s3x is somewhat uninspiring for her”.

Her period: “In those days almost 75% of women are little or nothing receptive to having s3x, regardless of whether there are other factors that can stimulate the symptoms of the period are a “stop” when having s3x”.

The place: The refusal to have s3x in uncomfortable places such as a car, a toilet or a porch is more common than it seems, although there are women who put their s3xual desire before other circumstances, it is true that the comfort is a must for the majority”.

To feel an object: “One of the main reasons for the “no” to s3xual intercourse is that the other person makes the woman feel like an object with $exist seduction techniques that do not make her feel valued”.

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