Graphic Photos: Shock As Woman’s Leg Swells To Unbelievable Gigantic Size

A 40 years old woman named Rezia Begum’s leg has unbelievably swollen to an enormous proportions due to a parasitic condition which could kill her.
Rezia Begum, a mother-of-two, from Bangladesh’s right leg now reportedly weighs around 132lbs (60kg) due to suspected elephantiasis. that she has suffered from ever since the birth of her second daughter 18 years ago. 
Ms Begum who is now dependent on the support of her relatives as a result of her gigantic swollen leg while speaking on her condition said; 
“I was like any other normal woman but now I’m a burden on my poor family.”
According to report, Begum  is being cared for at Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Bangladesh, although her treatment is yet to begin, because surgery and additional tests are required before her therapy can commence.
Though what caused her condition is still not clear, previous reports of other cases revealed that the disorder can be caused by roundworms entering the body via mosquitoes and if the swelling spreads from the legs to the abdomen, it could kill her.
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