Evil Mother Kills Her 7-Year-Old Daughter After Throwing Her Off Their Storey Building Twice

woman killed

A 36-year-old evil woman has been reported to have killed her seven-year-old disabled daughter by throwing her twice from their rented flat on the third floor at Jaraganahalli in JP Nagar on Sunday afternoon.

According to report, the girl survived the initial fall with serious injuries but succumbed after her mother rushed down, dragged her up and went back up to their flat only to throw her down once again to the shock of her neighbors. Angry residents of the area later rounded up the woman and tied her to an electric pole before police arrived at the scene and took her into custody.

It was gathered that, that the woman who worked as a teacher till about two years ago separated from her husband, a business analyst with a private firm in Indiranagar, seemed mentally disturbed as she told the police that her daughter was restless and she decided to throw her down to calm her.

Residents in the building heard a loud thud shortly after 3:30 pm on Sunday and rushed to the spot to find Shreya Sarkar, 7, badly injured and lying in a pool of blood. Her mother Sathi Sarkar, alias Swathi, 36, came rushing down. Initially, the onlookers thought she was coming to administer first aid to the injured child, but they were in for a rude shock when the woman took the child back upstairs and threw her down again killing her on the spot.

A woman living in the same building claimed that, initially, they thought the girl lost her footing and had an accidental fall. She also added that they asked Swathi why she was not taking her daughter to the hospital and Swathi shouted at them claiming that the child was mentally unstable. Another resident claimed that Swathi picked up the girl, went upstairs and locked herself in before pushing her down the second time. She had a change of clothes and came down after 15 minutes when local residents rounded her up and tied her to an electric pole.

According to police, the deceased girl was suffering from speech impediment and Swathi was desperately trying to make her speak. She used to take her daughter on evening and morning walks on a daily basis in the neighborhood.

According to a police official involved in the investigation, Swathi’s husband claimed that she used to constantly harass their daughter, while it was finally reported that the police have registered a case and are expected to subject the accused to psychiatric evaluation as part of the investigation.

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